Halloween Season at GSD Colony Creative - 2022

Top 5 Halloween Products by GSD Colony Creative - Season 2022

Finally, tonight we’ll celebrate together and in enjoy one of the most famous holidays of the year - Halloween night! For us, German Shepherd lovers and owners, this holiday is really special and exciting! Each year, we try to create and buy the most unique costumes, clothing, and decoration for us and our family (including our furry friends).

The 2022 year will be probably one of the hardest years in our lives, and that’s why we need to forget all our problems, at least during Halloween night, and spend our time with our loved ones.

Some of you decided to await Halloween night in the GSD Colony Creative® apparel, and we can’t describe how much we are grateful for that! 

The Halloween season is far away more interesting when you can celebrate this holiday in apparel which was inspired by your favorite dog breed! 

Let’s see the top 5 products of the 2022 Halloween season!

5. German Shepherd & Owner Ghost Hoodie - Halloween Special

Without any doubt, this is one of the most popular Halloween hoodie designs at our shop! This hoodie is a symbol of true friendship between a German Shepherd dog and its owner.

As you can see on the hoodie, they’re together enjoying Halloween night and collecting together tasty treats!

German Shepherd and ghost owner - Halloween hoodie by GSD Colony Creative

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This hoodie is a perfect choice for you if you love to explore this world with your furry friend.

Inspired by the people who love to spend every second with a loyal fur friend. You can surprise yourself with this hoodie, or gift your friend who loves or own this dog breed.

4. German Shepherd Ghost Halloween Hoodie

Boo! This hoodie is inspired by one of the most loyal dog breeds, and by one of the most exciting events in the year: German Shepherd and Halloween! 

If your German Shepherd is a scary doggo who loves tasty treats, then this hoodie is a perfect choice for you!

German Shepherd in ghost costume Halloween - Pink Hoodie

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As you can see on the hoodie, this “scary” German Shepherd is ready to collect a lot of treats and to eats them all at once!

3. Witch Way To The Treats - GSD Halloween Sweatshirt

“Which way to the treats Hooman?” 🎃

This comfy and stylish German Shepherd sweatshirt is a perfect Halloween gift for yourself or your friend.

German Shepherd Halloween Treats Ghost Sweatshirt, Military Green Color - GSD Colony Creative

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A unique design and special message on the sweatshirt, make this piece of apparel one of the most popular and best-selling Halloween products made by GSD Colony Creative®.

2. My dog is My Boo - German Shepherd Halloween Sweatshirt

The new German Shepherd dog Halloween sweatshirt is the perfect way to start the spooky season. For yourself or a friend, this cozy and fashionable German Shepherd sweatshirt is the ideal Halloween present.

Most people think that German Shepherds are really scary dogs, and this sweatshirt proves that!

German Shepherd Halloween sweatshirt, white color - my dog is my boo

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We are just kidding! If you treat them properly, German Shepherds will be loyal to you for the rest of its life.

1. Ghost German Shepherd Unisex Premium Sweatshirt

Our Ghost German Shepherd sweatshirt was the most popular product during the 2022 Halloween season! With over 110 happy customers, this sweatshirt took first place this Halloween season!

Ghost German Shepherd Sweatshirt white color - GSD Colony Creative

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This cute Ghost German Shepherd sweatshirt is the perfect choice for Halloween night if you’re a German Shepherd owner or lover.

The people who bought the “Ghost German Shepherd Unisex Premium Sweatshirt” described this piece of apparel with the next words:

“This sweatshirt is everything that I needed! I’m a German Shepherd owner for more than 11 years, and this year I found the gsd colony creative shop. This is a paradise on earth for gsd owners!! I bought two of these sweatshirts, one for me, and one for my 12 years old daughter. If you need anything for your german shepherd, or you are a huge fan of this dog breed, then the gsd colony is the right place for you!!”


This was our first Halloween season, and we’re already happy because we made something special, not for us, but for you.

Our happiness means everything to us, and that’s why GSD Colony Creative® will continue to create the most creative products for German Shepherd owners and lovers.

The best spooky photos of German Shepherds and their families in 2022

The Halloween season is also the part of the year when you can find the most creative and outstanding pictures of German Shepherd dogs!

Now, let’s see how German Shepherd owners and loves prepared for this magnificent holiday!

1. Halen_thesableshepherd via InstagramGerman Shepherd Halloween Photo - 1

2. Von.jakoba via Instagram

German Shepherd Halloween Photo - 2

3. Kaiserstheshepherd via Instagram

German Shepherd Halloween Photo - 3

4. Woody.thegsd via Instagram

German Shepherd Halloween Photo - 4

5. Littledragonkaida.gsd via Instagram

German Shepherd Halloween Photo - 5

We hope that you enjoy the Halloween season with your dog (or dogs) as much as we do! 

Have a bootiful Halloween!

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